Thursday, 22 November 2012

the red shoes

the red shoes that i wear
a happiness i want to share

don't kill yourself by grief
because i will not always bring a handkerchief
why don't you realize that life is a gift?

the red shoes that i wear
a braveness i want to declare

don't be sad my dear
face your future with no fear
why don't you realize that Allah is near?

the red shoes that i wear
challenge me if you still dare

don't keep on crying
even the pain is still hurting
why don't you realize that it is a sign of blessing?

the red shoes that i wear
a thousand meaning hiding there

21 november 2012
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

i love myself

i hate this feeling
i feel not belong to anywhere

people keep on hunting
i feel like having a nightmare

please stop calling
i already promise i won't be there

please stop cheating
you think i don't know what happen over there

i think your brain is sleeping
just knock your skull if they still there

no need to call me darling
i love myself more than you care

10 december 2012
02:05 am
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

be grateful

be grateful when people try to hold you back, for without them, you would not develop the strength that enable you to move forward. - jingsi aporism by master cheng yen.
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Thursday, 8 November 2012

be shine..

"when people hurt you over and over, think of them as sandpaper. they scratch and hurt you. but later you will be shining and polished, while they end up useless". - unkown.
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be brave..

the scary moment is..
when someone we know change into somebody else that seem like we don't know..
the most scary moment is..

when we change into somebody else that even we ourselves don't know..
after we lose someone that we know..

never lose yourself..
never lose faith..
for Allah test is only a sign of bless.
to make you more brave..
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be wise

"when dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. we are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity" - dale carnegie.
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be wise..

"when fate hands us a lemon, lets us make a lemonade" - dale carnegie.
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be great..

"great person shows his greatness by the way he treat a little man" - carlylie.  
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be strong..

"we don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have left" - late dr mas afsal.  
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aku suka berbicara, bercakap, merapu, meraban dan perkara sewaktu dengannya
aku suka cakap sendiri tapi aku belum gila lagi coz aku cakap dalam ati
kalo ade orang cakap aku gila tu membuktikan bukan aku yang gila tapi orang tu yang gila
sebab tak tahu membezakan orang gila dengan orang gila-gila
aku orang gila-gila tapi tak suka baca comik gila-gila
suka baca comic conan je..


bila aku berbicara aku tak kesah orang nak dengar ke tak
sebab aku tahu ramai orang pekak
ataupun buat-buat pekak
dah la pekak suka pulak salahkan badak
kan selalu je orang panggil pekak badak
apsal selalu sangat nak senakkan kepala hutak
kalo ko pekak cakap jela pekak
jangan nak babitkan badak pulak
dah dasar orang pekak badak
ops..tersasul la pulak
sori la badak tersebut nama ko la pulak



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